Concept FrameS

Here are some of the concept frames we developed for presentation to CBS. CBS Creative Director Pete Radovich was interested in a warehouse environment for the Super Bowl and creating a look that would carry over to the NFL on CBS regular season. We went scouting around the greater Toronto area and found a few places with the right scale, texture and controllable lighting. We shot some plates and developed the rest of the imagery back at the studio. We pitched this to Pete and Harold in late November, the shoot had to happen late-december, to give us only 4 production weeks These were some of the winning frames. If you compare these frames with some of the finished work - the similarity is quite impressive



We had lined up Michael Spike Parks (Mood Design) one of the best production designers in North America and James Downey (Fullerton Production) as lighting director. Michael immediately began construction on approved elements - the giant logo being the most important along with the illuminated red brackets. The big Mitrix screen was the other major element to install, and the entire set needed to be dressed with black columns, yard lines. Spike worked in a very stressful time line. We had a number of sponsor prop and special supporting elements for logo



Pretty much exactly as designed and more, Great old school, very physical energy