Bigstudios wins Emmy with Turner for Outstanding Live Graphic Design for the 2015 NBA All-Star Weekend.

This package was one of our favourites of the last 2 years. We had originally pitched 3 concepts to Turner for their NBA Regular season. They loved 2 of the concepts and decided to go forward with 1 for Regular Season and then awarded us the All Star package based on the 2nd concept. 

“When [Bigstudios] pitched NBA on TNT, there were two concepts. We loved both of them but rolled out with one concept and kept the other in our back pocket for All-Star, so we had a head start,” said Turner Sports Creative Director Jordan Shorthouse. “It is the same look [as NBA on TNT], but we introduced a new vehicle with subways and subway stations. We went out to New York, shot subway interiors and exteriors, and introduced that into the package. It turned out really fantastic.”