Well we just got back from Seattle where the crazy little gathering of “sports venue graphics” people swap war stories and the latest creative and technical endeavours at their respective venues. Also known as IDEA (Information and Display Entertainment Association). The website is impenetrable http://www.ideaontheweb.org/ but the people are welcoming, easy-going and above all =; collegial. The event itself is one of a kind. Dave Allen said it was a conf-trade-tion: part conference, part trade-show part convention. The hospitality and collaborative atmosphere is unlike any other professional graphics get-together. Not to mention the spectacular on-field events hosted by the Mariners, UW Huskies and Seahawks. Shannon (cd here) was in seventh heaven at IDEA. Being the Rain Man of sports, there wasn’t one team he couldn’t talk to about standings, roster, recent drafts, great moments, great trades, chances for next year etc etc. One just stands back in awe.

The amount of design and production that gets pushed through the usually small in-house groups at venues across the continent is both impressive and inspiring. It was great to meet more of the talented in-house production people from the various majors such as Philadelphia (hey Tony, Eric, Kiel, Sean), Kansas City (hey Steve) as well as Texas, Pittsburgh and many other design and production people from majors, minors, universities, colleges et al.

What we realized (at this our 2nd IDEA), was that we’ve joined a close-knit, continent-wide neighbourhood. And like all new neighbours, we want to make sure you know you can borrow a cup of sugar anytime. If you Active Members across America and Canada are following any of our work and want some breakdowns or recipes – give me a call and I’ll hook you up with the right person here.