Recently we were contacted by a client who started the conversation with something like "I've been in this business for a while, how come I never heard you guys? Your work is great!"

Through no fault of our own, or through every fault of our own - we manage to be almost completely invisible to the world at large. 20 years ago we could say "It doesn't take much to keep 3-4 people busy". The phone always rang. As we grew, we could still say "It doesn't take much to keep 19 or 20 people busy". The phone always rang. Bigstudios did not show up on Google searches, Vimeo searches, YouTube searches, the Twitterverse or any other verses.

The beautiful truth is that most of our new clients come by word-of-mouth. We can trace back almost every single person we've worked over the last 2 decades to an ABC News project in 1988. Amazing… (Thank you Frank, Roger, Don, Katherine, Hal) The most precious form of advertising in the world is word-of-mouth and we are incredibly thankful to our clients who take the time and have the trust to recommend us to their peers.

Having said that, it’s 2013 and we have decided it's time to be more visible.
Becoming more visible on the web is about recognizing that as we have been beetling along these last 20 years, there are communities to which we belong and could be participating in more fully: the communities of small business, education, development, broadcast and film and of course the design world at large. It's time for people to be able to find us more easily and for us to reach out to our various communities in a bigger way.

And all the members of Bigstudios past and present, can take a bow for having created such a tremendous body of work over such a long period of time with zero visibility.