In a somewhat self-serving mandate, I have recently started working on a request to change the definitions of the Graphic Design categories for the Sports Emmys. The use of graphics in sports programming and on-air promotion has increased exponentially in the last 20 years. In spite of immense variation in design work done for Sports television, there is still only 1 category for graphic design of all different kinds.

A great insert package for - say - Monday Night Football should not be competing in the same category as the opening for The Olympics. In sports there are also the major distinctions of live-event and post-produced graphic design.

Similarly I would suggest that information graphics (lower thirds, stats, tickers, clock & score bugs) form an increasingly important category in sports design but should be in a separate category from say the promos for the show (done by a different group usually with a different purpose) or from the opening and associated graphics packaging.

Currently the same sports show can be entered for writing, camera work, editing sound, new directions etc. Perhaps the same approach can be used when submitting a show for various design elements?

If you are interested in supporting this, please contact me directly: using the header: “Redefining Graphic Design Categories”.

It would not be surprising if other award groups: Daytime, Prime Time, Docs need to look at modernizing the definitions for design entries.

Dec 30, 2013 update.
The application to expand the categories for Outstanding Graphic Design in Sports Television and Outstanding Production Design in Sports Television has been approved resulting in 4 categories where before there were 2. The requirements for submissions have also been updated. The new categories for Graphic Design and Production Design are:
Outstanding Graphic Design Live Event
Outstanding Graphic Design Post Produced
Outstanding Production Design Live Event
Outstanding Production Design Post Produced

Feedback welcome